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SMCAA Monthly Meet-Up: May - Data, Data, Data

GoTo Meeting: https://meet.goto.com/664716005
Julie Riley

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We all have data…lots and lots of data. But how do we manage it for quick and easy retrieval when it is needed? Who has access to it? Come join us on May 15th as we share with each other best practices on how different districts store their data, where they store it, what data is stored, and how they disseminate that data out to the right people.

In addition to our monthly discussions, we will also be spotlighting one of our amazing affiliate members each month. This month Annie Polacek will be with us and will be sharing information about “Just Right Reader” prior to our main discussion over data!

You won’t want to miss hearing about all the great Science of Reading support items Just Right Reader has so make sure you join us at 9:30 AM for the affiliate spotlight and main discussions!

All Monthly Meet-Ups will use the same GoTo Meetings Room. To jump online to any of the Monthly Meet-Ups, CLICK HERE or go to this URL: https://meet.goto.com/664716005

Since these meetings are an added benefit for members only, you will be required to provide a password to enter into the meeting. This password can be found on our members-only site and will be provided in future eMail notices and newsletters. This password will not change, so you should be able to use it each month. If you are unable to find the password, please email Al Richardson (arichardson@smcaa.org) to request the GoTo Meeting password.

These Monthly Meet-Ups are designed to help address your questions and to meet your needs, if you have specific questions you would like to submit ahead of time, feel free to do so!  To submit a question or a general topic you would like to see discussed, please CLICK HERE.  You will be taken to a Google Form which will allow you the chance to share your questions with us.  Not sure what your questions might be? That's ok! Those who log in will have a chance to ask questions at that time as well.